February yang padat. Crazy February

Permulaan musim 2020 yang sangat padat, apabila pasukan UDA Rugby bakal menyertai 3 kejohanan dalam tempoh 7 hari! Kepadatan jadual

Community League 2020

Liga Komuniti 2020 kembali untuk edisi-2, dan liga ini diadakan bagi memberi peluang kepada pasukan sekolah yang baru membangun dalam

Pre season with VO2Max

The pre-season session of 2020 begins on December 30, with the players still in the collection phase. After weight training

Well done 2019!

2019 will feature curtains, many fun and sad events that are expected throughout the year. Overall, the club’s objectives have

UDA7s is back for 2020

UDA Rugby Club with the support of the Johor State Education Department will host the men’s UDA7s under-16 tournament in

Looking for sponsors 2020

We ended 2019 with a great dinners among players, management, coaches, parents & sponsors.  In 2019, UDA Rugby achieved some

Thank You 2019

On 19 November 2019, UDA Rugby hosting a dinners to players, sponsorships, parents and people who get involved in team