Community League is back!

The Community League is back!

This small league will return in the 2022 season after being suspended for 2 years due to MCO and the spread of disease.

This development league focuses on day high school teams that have just built a rugby team and are able to compete at the same level. The league focuses on players under 16 only and will play in 10 side version.

The main objective is to give equal opportunities to young players to play in a tournament and compete in a healthy way. Even through this small league can help product marketing and advertising to the sponsors who sponsor this tournament. It is expected that 6 teams will participate and play in a one -round league for 3 tour series, this means each team will play more than 5 matches in total.

To individuals, sports bodies, private parties who are willing to be with us are very welcome to be part of the sponsors of this league as a sign of supporting healthy activities through sports.

The league is co -organized by UDA Rugby Club and powered by Sculie Sport Ent.

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