Efforts to form a senior team

The club intends to continue the rugby culture by forming a senior team in order to maintain interest in playing rugby after school. 
Through a series of discussions has successfully planned two series of friendly matches in an effort to form a senior team. 

The first friendly match was held on 4 December 2021 against the PG Ronin team, in an effort to help the team in preparation for their participation in the tournament in Shah Alam. While the second match also against the same team took place on 22 January 2022. Both these matches were held at the MBPG Field.

The open participation of the players has attracted many people to participate in this match.
The club is proud of the commitment of the players who are willing to join the UDA team. Indeed, such an effort is very much in line with the club’s motto of “building a community”. 

The club is also planning a number of suitable activities to maintain interest in playing and efforts to form a senior rugby team in the future. 
Continue to build a healthy community through the sport of rugby.

UDA Senior vs PG Ronin
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