New norm with Google meet

Since the pandemic from 2020, club reunions have not been able to be organized. However, in 2020, the under -16 players had the opportunity to go through training sessions to improve their fitness specific to running techniques using a module shared by Andy Lockwood from the Rugby outreach project in August 2020.

The girls under 16 team also only had time to undergo light training 4 times in August 2020 before the Tightened Movement Control Order came into force for the Johor Bahru district.

The impact of this Movement Control Order has had a significant impact on all sports including rugby in Malaysia.

The absence of any rugby matches and tournaments has affected the mentality of the players which consists of school students. What is more worrying is that interest in sports activities will disappear because it is too long confined at home without doing any exercise or sports activities.

Therefore, in 2021, the club manager has opened the opportunity for players from among the students of this school to follow classes online by using the Google meet medium.

In the first series of Google meets, with the title “Are you okay?” the players were briefed on things that could be done during the MCO period, including doing exercise activities at home to improve fitness levels.

Google meet session
meeting with players in google meet

In the second series, through the title “Hello referee here” the players were given exposure to knowledge related to the basics of rugby refereeing presented by Mr. Mohd Salmezan, a referee who is well known in the rugby arena in Johor.

2nd session with Mr. Mohd Salmezan

The players are very lucky to be able to be with the Malaysian rugby 7 side coach Encik Saizul Hafifi willing to be together in the third series through the title “Hello coach here”.

In this session, a lot of knowledge is shared to be a good player on the field, in fact this session lasted almost an hour!

3rd session with Mr. Saizul Hafifi

The Google meet segment continued for the fourth session, under the headline “Hello otai here”.

At this session, a lot of knowledge and tips were shared by Mr. Najmulhuda and Mr. Zulkifli about the rugby development program especially for young players.

The 2 panelists also encouraged the coaches to train more quality young players through planned programs so that the objectives can be achieved for long -term projects.

“Hello otai here”

You can watch the recording of this Google meet segment on the UDARugbyTv club’s official Youtube channel, don’t forget to subscribe to the club’s official Youtube.

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