DTC-JRU 2021-2025

The Johor State Education Department together with the Johor Rugby Union have agreed to create a rugby development program for Johor state schools.

This program is inspired by the success of the same development program in football by the State Education Department together with JDT.

The program involves all districts in the state of Johor, of which 2 schools are selected for each district. A primary school and a selected secondary school.

The program director, Encik Faizal, informed that the selected schools were based on the development programs that had been carried out at the school.

For the UDA Rugby Club, the selection of SMK Bandar Baru UDA in this program is very much in line with the goals and objectives of the original program which emphasizes on the development of young players.

It is common knowledge that the club is already moving towards the unification of the rugby community. But the club is still moving through the school because there new talents are honed through the school students.

In fact, this club is also based at SMK Bandar Baru UDA and it is a source of pride for school children to be involved in high performance programs as a contribution for the state of Johor.

Formal letter from JPN Johor

Through this program can also help the number of club activities in order to provide opportunities for players to achieve a better level of achievement in the future in rugby.

Hopefully the ongoing pandemic throughout the country will end soon so that this program can be implemented as soon as possible.

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