Kopi-O Panas by Ragbi.MY

Ragbi.My Magazine is the first rugby magazine in Malaysia has invited UDA Rugby General Manager Encik Suzeli Mahadi for a live talk session “Kopi-O Panas” on 13 January 2021.

The club has shared experiences with moderators and panel members of how small clubs like UDA Rugby were set up, and the development programs that have been implemented even if only the tournament has state status.

Mr. Suzeli (red shirt) in Kopi-O Panas by Ragbi.My

The club is very excited to share ideas and experiences in increasing the interest in playing among school students to always cultivate interest in rugby through the activities organized.

It is hoped that through this conversation, it will be possible for outsiders to get to know UDA Rugby, especially rugby fans and potential sponsors who are interested in UDA Rugby.

Thanks to brother Bob Fazaeli for the invitation for the live talk session, thanks also to brother Mazuri for sharing the ideas given. Thank you Ragbi.MY!

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