The recent development of a sharp increase in covid19 cases, many parents are concerned with the potential for infection that may occur among students.
However, in the last 4 weeks, the club has successfully implemented a fitness program in collaboration with the online Rugby Outreach Project community organization.

Although this collaboration is online, but this project needs to be physically implemented for players under 16 years, as planned for a period of 8 weeks, the program has been successfully implemented for 4 weeks and the remaining 4 weeks.

Thus to evaluate the effectiveness of the module shared by Andy Lockwood, a small competition is planned to assess the level of power and speed of players from projects that have been implemented over the past 4 weeks.

Therefore the Xrugby7s game was chosen to test the effectiveness of the project. The selection of Xrugby7s also fits the situation of the covid19 case that the country is currently facing.

A total of 26 players who are students under 16 years old are interested in participating in the competition, although only 20% actually participate in activities in the Rugby Outreach Project.

Only club member level matches are held to reduce social distance with the aim of curbing the spread of the covid19 virus. Each player must adhere to the SOP rules set, such as frequent hand washing, not sharing clothes & drink bottles.

The players are divided into 4 teams, and each team member is divided by lottery. And each team has to name each team themed flower names.

Hopefully this effort can restore the interest and enthusiasm of players to get involved in rugby after too long “rest” due to the existence of covid19. It is hoped that the players will be able to comply with the SOP rules and rules on the field. Happy competing.

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