Rugby outreach project

On August 21, UDA rugby successfully reached an online learning agreement with a community organization from England, the Rugby Outreach Project.

The Rugby Outreach Project is an active rugby community organization online with rugby teams from all over the continent such as from europe, south america, and also from asia.

UDA Rugby is very lucky to have been accepted into this online project.

The Rugby Outreach Project is led by Andy Lockwood who has experience as a Bath Rugby Academy coach. Agreement reached between the two parties, UDA Rugby will carry out activities online and report in pictures for each activity carried out.

UDA rugby hopes that the implementation of this program will benefit the club players. This project was started for the men’s under 16 team as a pilot project. The main objective of this project is to assess the level of fitness and speed of players on the field through the activities proposed by Andy.

It is common knowledge that covid-19 is still hitting the country, but to ensure the effectiveness of this project, the club in an effort to hold internal matches for players can test the level of fitness and speed while playing.

This collaboration is a positive joint venture internationally even online. Hopefully this cooperation can be continued for future projects with parties from abroad. Thanks to Andy Lockwood who is willing to accept UDA Rugby as the first network partner from Malaysia for the Rugby Outreach Project from the Asian continent.

Thank you Rugby Outreach Project

Thank you Mr. Andy Lockwood.

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