For the first time we faces a new situation for not involving in any game for last 3 months. This situation happen to all over the world to fight against Covid-19.

Meanwhile in New Zealand difference situation happen, when the numbers of cases in under control by their government. It allows all sports activity to be back especially in rugby.

This shown that the main factors to be a good players is to practically a good hygiene among players and family. To do that, we have always do wash our hand with soap and wearing mask when go outside. 
To make sure all players in good health condition, we have to take a healthy food to provide immune body against virus and bacteria.

All players should take benefits in this period to “build” body tone as a rugby players. Take a suitable food and do a workouts to gain a muscle. We hope all players in club can find sources to build muscle and keep discusing with coach to get know the best workout.

Hoping this pandemic will over soon, so we can back to games.


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