Zafran new talent that can develop more

Aiman Zafran is a 17-year-old players for club currently. He was selected to join NRDP Malaysia under-16 in 2019. His talents have been traced to the age of 13 despite his interest in handball and softball.

Possessing a high body weight with 186 height gives him the advantage of playing rugby in comparison to his teammates. When playing at the age of 13 in 2016, Aiman Zafran suffered frequent injuries to his knee due to uneven training ground and lack of proper strength training prior to training.

As a result of his injuries he missed several tournaments and was not selected on the team. His absence on the team was also due to his ineptitude at that time of neglecting to attend team training.

His immaturity lasted for two years, in 2018 he returned to the team but a lot of things needed to be learned to re-create the experience of rugby. But he did well in training and selected to team.

Start 2019 season he played for club and make nice move pattern for team, and success in several tournaments. From that time, Aiman Zafran has selected from coaches club to be trial in NRDP Malaysia. In selection sessions he managed to be in team, and flying to Bangkok 7s in Thailand.

Aiman Zafran stand 3 from left in NRDP Malaysia

This is club vision to take a anyone in a good quality as a player, all players need to do “3D” decision, determines, discipline all the time. Club hoping more players will come to be like Aiman Zafran as a fighter in field. Like Brad Mika Malaysia Rugby head coach always said,”trust the process”.

UDA Rugby fighting!

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