UDA7s is back for 2020

UDA Rugby Club with the support of the Johor State Education Department will host the men’s UDA7s under-16 tournament in 2020.

Official logo’s UDA Seven

In general, the upcoming tournament will be the 2nd edition after the success of the first edition in 2018. In 2019, the tournament will not be possible due to financial constraints and tight schedule constraints.

As a rugby and school community club, it is the club’s responsibility to organize this small tournament to support the efforts of the players who are committed to the club, further testing the players’ ability to play with the domestic team.

The development of rugby in Malaysia in 7-sided variations is growing with various tournaments across Malaysia, so UDA Rugby does not want to miss out on the new 7-sided talent.

It is hoped that this UDA7s tournament will attract sponsors to help with the cost of event management becoming more expensive in terms of gifts and so on.

Private sector assistance is highly sought after for the dream of players, especially rugby UDA players to achieve success as a rugby player and to promote a healthy lifestyle through rugby sports in particular.

We hope the players succeed in the planned program.

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